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Minimalist Mom : Make Up

I guess being a mom doesn’t give you that much time anymore to really “prepare” because you’re always on the go. And the hubby doesn’t like it when I put too much make up like I am trying to make the aliens see my hightlighter from outerspace.So I make things simple now. I used to crave for anything Chanel and collect tons of lipsticks in all shades and packaging just because. Now that I am married to a minimalist-slash-frugal-yet super smart handsome boy-next-door I am slowly picking up some smart ways and practical life hacks worth applying in my always clutter and disoganized make-up counter .

So I keep the basics and let go of the things that don’t spark joy anymore. I cleaned my closet and throw things I don’t need. And with make up I realized I just need the ones I need constantly.

Lipstick— Red, slightly pink and Burgundy. I can’t do nude. I don’t have orange anymore or those frost types and those lipstick that’s way back 2014 and still unused.


Bronzer, Highlighter, Blush— minimum. I am in early 30s. I want to look fresh and dewy and not super matte it will definitely add years instantly to your face. The fresh dewy always works! Β I keep one bronzer, one blush and the Anastasia Contouring Kit which I actually use for my brows.

And Wayne Goss this make up artist I followed in Youtube came up with this video that makes so much sense in terms of keeping it down.


Eyes– Neutral colors. As I you grow older, less is definitely more. Nothing super dramatic otherwise you will look like you’re going to the prom or a masquerade ball when you’re just going to buy groceries. Same with the brows and eyeliner. Nothing too dramatic.


And yes it’s possibly to get ready in 10-15 minutes and still look like yourself but better and prettier.

And now my make up counter is more organized and less clutter. Just what I need.


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