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New Workout Obsession



Since I got really sick last week  I hardly work out. I was too weak and my joints just hurt.

But I did try yoga. I even did this . But only lasted ’til Day 4.

Then as soon as I felt like myself again I hurriedly took out my yoga mat and search for something different to get back on my feet again. I love Pilates. I wanted something like it but with a twist. And I fell in-love instantly with Barre workout.

Right now my toddler is running around so early in the morning I cannot keep up with him sometimes. I have a ton of things to do in the house so I don’t have the normal 45 minutes to an hour workout schedule anymore. I can only squeeze 10-20 minutes a day tops.

And here… I found the best Barre workout for me!

For my butt and my abs!

And my gosh they hurt! I woke up sore all over the next day. And that’s when I know this one is for me! Quick, effective and exciting.

Yes, I feel like a ballerina after!



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