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Why people don’t become wealthy

Ever wonder why most people don’t become wealthy? I do. These past few months, after trying and failing to come back in the workforce I often find myself staring blankly in space thinking why success seems so hard, too slippery from the grip of my hands. It seems like there’s a gazillion of jobs out… Continue reading Why people don’t become wealthy

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Dream House Series #1 – Rustic Interiors

I dream of houses like I dream of shoes.Someday, my husband and I will get this lot somewhere in the mountains where we can grow our own produce, invite people for dinner parties with no problem with parking. I want to have a big yard with a garden and thick grass where my kids can… Continue reading Dream House Series #1 – Rustic Interiors

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How many kids do you want to have?

  Like a violent storm that won’t seem to end, I can’t believe that I am feeling less-stressed and harassed as compared two years ago. I can’t put the exact words to describe it, but I feel like I am walking over the rainbow. Yes, the house is still upside down and the amount of… Continue reading How many kids do you want to have?