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Conversations with Myself : Issue #5 – Beneath My Skin A New Creation

Only now I realized what my greatest achievement is. And it’s not money or the person sleeping right next to me. Although I am completely overwhelmed how blessed I am with my family and our finances. The world can offer me so many things. It can lure me into thinking that a huge house with three cars and a fat wallet automatically means happiness and success. I thought adoration from colleagues and strangers will make me complete. Or the signature clothes at my back will make me feel important. But as I grow older, what experiences revealed to me has nothing to do with the world. Instead I found it in my self. The overflowing joy I have right now radiates with such strength that my heart is actually smiling from ear to ear.

I’ve been searching for my purpose, my calling. I think all of us are. I wanted to travel the world, and I did. I wanted to marry the man of my dreams and have children and so I did. What else to pursue? Get rich, travel more, spend more, accumulate more things. And then what? When will this pursuing ever get to end? Reach the top of what exactly?

I attend church, hear the sermon and do the best I can to live it up. Next week rolls in like the same. Only when I get to spend time with godly people  and spend quiet time talking to God that I realized that what I started having inside of me is not just religion. I am finding my purpose, I need to fulfil my  real calling.

Understanding what happened in the cross, and what He did for me just opened my eyes that no one can ever love me the way He does. He found me at my darkest. He picked me up at my weakest and he will welcome me in His home when my time is done. What a joy it is indeed to know that this world is not ours forever but only a dress rehearsal of the eternal life that awaits us in His presence.  That our sufferings here is nothing compared to the eternal joy and peace in our real home. What is the use of all these worries and fears but a waste of energy and time. I realized that our jobs as parents, wife, partner, employee, businessman, whatever that is should be utilised to lead people to our real home. To know Christ as our Redeemer, our King, Our Lord and Saviour.

No amount of money or fame will equal to the achievement of having a real relationship with our God. No amount of worldly possession can ever quiet the gnawing feeling of trouble of hate of danger or fear of the future  with the peace you get from the Prince of Peace himself.

I still dream of beautiful things for my life and for my kid and for my husband. I still desire to make a dent in this life, the only difference is I want to do it not for fame or recognition or for the money but a way to glorify His faithfulness and His love for us. What a huge difference it makes to live this life for Him and not for our selfish intentions. What a relief that my soul  knows its Savior.


Have a blessed day everyone!


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