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Conversations with Myself Issue #4 -Toddler Tantrums and the US Election

It’s been a tough week for most us. The US election had somehow gotten into my skin last week , in which I guiltily indulge myself  into some tumultuous debates here and there, mostly in social media which  I got reprimanded by my husband. Then it dawned on me that we may differ in our political views but all of us deserves mutual respect. Whether you’re Pro or Anti, let’s move on and focus in the future. The choice has been made and let’s just do our part in making progress for our own benefit.

If you’re like me who sometimes find it difficult to keep my political views to myself I ask you to stop picking fights. Disunity never brings anything positive in the table. As my loving husband says, politics is like Faith. You cannot impose on people what you believe in. It’s like shoving green vegetables to their throats when all they want to eat is meat. Model your behavior like a true Christian and let them be.  It’s hard I know when the moment you  open your Instagram or Twitter you see them staring you in the face.

I am back to waking up early to study. I took a break from waking up at 5 am since sleeping for three hours is taking a toll in my health. It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost  drawing to a close already. I hope that you’ve  achieved the goals that you’ve written in the beginning of the year. Mine is fifty-fifty. Personally, I think I kept myself pretty much on track. Fitnesswise I am happy with my body. Finances -wise I made terrific investments even though I am not having a full-time job. I am happy being with my family. Still waiting for that great opportunity though, to go back to work. The economy is still recovering from setbacks. The stock market as well is unpredictable as always and my technical analysis skills is being tested every time. It’s red today and green tomorrow. It’s making my head spin literally. And there’s family life to attend to , which is also throwing me over  the edge from time to time.

The little one is eating our minds these past few weeks. He is sweet and kind except when he’s having tantrums. Argggggghhhhhhhh!!!! Sometimes I look at him in total disbelief how he can scream so loud while intentionally hitting his head on the cold hard floor whenever he fails to convince us that he deserves another piece of treat. We are trying our best to make him understand that life is not fair. You can’t get everything you want when you want it. Patience is a virtue darling, and this applies to me and the child. As much as we want to just give in to each of his idiosyncracies we just couldn’t unless we want him to grow up a spoiled brat. He’s almost two and he’s acting like he’s the boss already. Toddlers can get really stubborn sometimes that I often ask myself if I did the same to my own parents, ( I pretty sure did) until we started implementing time-out and punishments.

Gone are the days when he can just eat all the porridges I cook for him with all gusto. Now he wants what I eat, whether it’s a piece of dark chocolate, stuffed olives, roasted cashew nuts or dried plums and ignore the buckwheat porridge with apple and cinnamon. He eats my pancakes in the morning and grabs my Peanut butter sandwich like a madman. And even drinks my ginger tea like it’s lemonade. I have no problem him eating my food  anyway I eat only healthy stuff. He hardly  chews on candy or other sugary snacks but I wish he can sit properly for a decent meal without the mess and eat whatever I cook for him without drama. I wish that he will stop crying so much when he wants something to watch in Youtube that I couldn’t figure out. I pray that we will able to understand each other better. Yes, raising a multi-lingual child is hard. He understands and responds to Ukrainian and Russian. While mommy is lost in translation figuring out how to translate them in English or Tagalog.

Winter is here and so are parties and gift-wrapping and baking tons of pies and sweets. Sasha’s birthday is fast approaching and mine too. Another year and a  great deal of milestones achieved for our family. I am beyond grateful that God is always good. And that in spite of the hardships and confusion that life throws almost every time I feel confident and comforted by his grace. Some people choose to have a pity-party  when you can actually divert your frustration to something productive. When you’re mad, go run in the treadmill. If you want to cry just sing a happy song or watch a super cheesy Romantic flick. When you feel like you will never get good at something, watch Master Chef or a Make up Tutorial  and even better if you will just listen to a Christian Podcast and read your Bible, always , always work wonders for me.

If you’re having a bad day, just remember  it doesn’t automatically means you have a bad life. Every waking moment is a chance to make a difference. Another day to celebrate life and create beauty and correct mistakes. Just pray and believe…  it’s  all going to be alright.





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