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Evolution of Me #style

The hubby took me on a shopping spree last weekend. He dropped me in Festival City Mall while he and Sasha took time looking for a Baby chair in Ikea. Yeah, baby chair, and you got that right shopping spree! What on Earth huh? And Sasha almost two still asking fora  baby chair? it so happened that we missed that part in parenting wherein the child needs to eat with you sitting like a normal person  instead of chasing him for two hours just to finish his meal.  It’s becoming a difficult ordeal for the past week so we decided once and for all that we will strap him in a chair like a hostage. Just kidding.

Growing up, I always love clothes. As early as five I started feeling conscious what to wear. I usually beg my mom to always buy me new dresses every month so I don’t need to wear it more than once. I always feel so fashionable. Hah. But it’s not always the case. Thanks to a huge collection of Vogue collecting dust in our attic for fashion advice. Now in my early thirties I still love clothes of course. But it’s different now. Instead of aiming to look like a Christmas all year round, I started going for a minimalist, classic and effortless style. Maybe it’s lack of time that I begin to take dressing to a lower notch or maybe it’s just age. It’s sad if you’re still trying to look like you’re 16 . Or maybe the closet is getting smaller nowadays with a child and hubby sharing it with you that I decided to just buy timeless pieces.

Some inspiration…


I bought myself a new pair of denim jeans, a jacket, a pencil skirt, another LBD ,a new belt and half a dozen of new underwear. I feel great! The hubby scored major brownie points that night!

What about you? What’s your take on your own fashion evolution?

Goodbye Old me.

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