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Decorating Woes with the Husband : Holiday Season

So I was battling with the husband again with House decorations, the first time we fought was when we moved to the new apartment . Sometimes I look at him in total disbelief whenever I hear him say, “I dont’ want this and I don’t want that”, which actually meant curtains, rugs or a coffee table. Now that it’s a few months away ’til Christmas, yeah we are excited like that I’ ve been pleading that we re-arrange the furniture or the lack of it and make the living room more Christmas-sy for the season.  I grew up helping my mom put up the Christmas tree and the whole gang of christmas ornaments right after Halloween. But all that I’m hearing now from my guy is big fat  NO.  Seriously, did I just marry  The Grinch?

Anyway, I was checking Pinterest for inspiration. The minimalist husband wants nothing but space and more space in the house. No clutter, no necessary stuff hanging up the wall. And I am really getting frustrated what he really meant when he said Less is More.

I ended up finding inspirations in Scandinavian culture on how they decorate their houses. And taddah! I think I could live with these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But If I have my way… I will probably do this…

But Marriage is about compromise. So we’ll try to meet halfway.

And  I found some hilarious  answers online when I google  ” When is the perfect time to put up the Christmas tree?”



Enjoy the Season!


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