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Mister Baker

What was meant only for private consumption ended up  in  some strangers’ taste buds.

We love pies. We love baking. Well, my husband likes to cook whether he admits it or not or maybe he just likes to eat pretty food. When we were still in Manila waiting for our residence visa, my husband lived alone for some time. He doesn’t cook and spent most nights ordering pizza or having dinner at a nearby Indian restaurant. But once he was able to get a place of our own he decided that  through Youtube he can be our own Gordon Ramsay. So it started with one episode then it became a habit. Then a purpose in his life. Make good food for home. “No need to go out. We can make everything better, cheaper and as delicious” he muses. But sometimes I think he’s just becoming too stingy.

Whenever he says he’s cooking, I usually eat a big meal before. Knowing him as a perfectionist, most of the time he spend the entire afternoon cooking dinner. Preparations take time, as in time– meaning hours and hours of chopping, grinding and mashing. “Meat should fall off the bone. The rice fresh and moist at all times, once it gets cold it’s no good. And salad of course. What is a meal without a salad? Forget about dessert. We’ll have Green tea”.

Last week we were supposed to have dinner with friends which in the end got cancelled last minute. Poor hubby after slaving in the kitchen preparing and perfecting his dessert pie in the end we had ingredients good to make three pies for ourselves. After baking one we decided to cut a piece from it which of course turn out to be  just plain delectable and gave it to our friends who cancelled the dinner. We decided that we give the second pie to our cousin who is pregnant. The third pie we decided to pursue still since we had so much pumpkin pureee left in the fridge. That last one was two inches thicker and two hours longer to bake, but still after too much waiting and fighting if it’s ever going to cook in the end it was indeed another masterpiece. That week we ate pumpkin pie each and every night after dinner. No wonder I am seeing a muffin top suddenly emerging in me.

He really bakes so amazingly that no matter how much pumpkin pie I ate last week I will eat a piece now if there’s one in front of me. Then a few days ago, my pregnant cousin told me that everyone in her office were raving about our pumpkin pie. Suddenly people wanted to order. O.M. G. We are not a bakery. Preparations take minimum of five hours. He regrigerate the sugar crust overnight. And once the pie is ready he strictly puts itin the firdge overnight for it to set nicely before serving. Oh man, it’s like the pie is going to the Grammy’s or something that it needs so much time to prepare. Hahah.

Anyway, so today is the first day of our baking for profit journey. I know it’s just a start but I am just so thrilled that my husband can really bake and people seem to agree. Today, like an apprentice I watched and followed every direction he said. It was not easy but I feel happy to be doing something different in my ordinary day. Pumpkin pie for sale!



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