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Let’s still Believe in Forever

I am still crying over #Brangelina.

They somehow made me believe in True love and Forever. Damn this Hollywood.

I started looking deeper inside my own marriage. It’s never easy whether you’re single or married actually. Everyone in this planet is fighting a battle of their own. Loneliness, indifference, boredom and exhaustion. Everybody is always looking for something or for someone to fill in the void. But nothing really is going make everything perfect.

When I was still single all I wanted was to find my own Prince Charming. And when I found him, I thank God everyday for him but it doesn’t mean that marriage solve all my life’s problems. It just made my problems easier to bear because I  have a partner to help me. And really, the quality of your life after marriage depends on your smart decision to pick that special person to spend the rest of your life with. Because every single day is a choice you make. Married life is not a walk in the park for all I know. It’s a wonderful place with ups and downs. Once you started living with that handsome fellow who once made you weak in the knees you started seeing their flaws under a magnifying glass. Once you started having children you started seeing how far their patience can go when there’s a crying infant and a house turned upside-down. Sometimes you found yourself in amazement how lucky for you guys to have found each other. And there were days when you started asking yourself why me? Haha.

Being a Christian doesn’t give you immunity against couple’s real problems. It’s much harder actually being a wife who holds the light in the house. The one who consistently encourage the family to pray and trust God in everything. To ask Him  for guidance and wisdom and even strength when love at times seems depleted. I realized it’s already hard for normal couples to choose to stay in love what more  these A-Lists celebrities whose net worth is $400 million bucks. I guess their life’s problems are a thousand times harder.

I am not a reliable source to give marriage advice since me and my hubby are also newbies in this town. My parents have been married more than 25 years and my dad remained single up to this day  after my mom died 5 years ago. I still see the longing in his eyes even after she’s gone. They are not perfect couple for sure. But I am certain than having God in the center of their relationship is a great factor for their endless love for one another. They spent most of their married life attending and serving the church, learning what God’s purpose of marriage is all about and helping other couples know God as well.  Growing up I’ve witnessed the struggles of keeping the family intact in times of sickness, financial crisis and death. It could have been easier to take the easy way out when things get really bad. For sure there were times when one of them considered leaving or giving up. But I believe that if God is involved in the relationship no problem is too hard.

When marriage nowadays is treated like a disposable item and easily replaceable I pray that couples will choose to work things out and invite God in their relationship. When staying just for the sake of the kids is treated like a joke and couples immediately decides to follow whatever makes them happy, not thinking the impact of children growing up in a broken home. I pray that each man and woman who decided to be together will really understand what family is really  all about.

I pray that every couple should take time to learn and be reminded of God’s purpose of marriage. That those vows we make in the altar were not empty words . There’s good times and bad. There are seasons in marriage. And the secret to an amazing married life is the two people who are great forgivers. I pray for each couple including my partner to have a heart that is always willing to make allowances, a heart who is always willing to flight for a great marriage.




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