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I did a 10 Minute Body Circuit (and I literally couldn’t Move from the Waist Down the Next Day)

There’s just no day at this point in my life when I can tell to myself that there’s nothing left to do.  I wish there’s just one time when I will sit in the corner and find everything in place. No dirty laundry that needs washing, a dirty kitchen floor that needs scrubbing and a cute little boy who needs cleaning. It’s just endless. And just to finish all of them, a momma learns to multi-task like any other woman in this planet.

Well, I just couldn’t give up my Quiet Time with God and of course my time with my Yoga Mat. Aside from the chores that never ends, the hubby and I finally decided that we would enroll to online courses and learn new skills . I am a student all over again, with homework to finish, a ton of Business Books and Podcasts to accomplish and yeah I barely sleep. And honestly, I love it. Because for the longest time since Motherhood came knocking at my doorstep, I finally feel like something really amazing is about to happen soon.

So when everything is piling up, and it’s as if I tried every work out video in my playlist   I decided to go back to intense 10-minute workout. I will still get the result I want, but less time and more time with  school- stuff.

I tried this yesterday…


Gosh. O.M. G.

It was quick and easy and yeah I was sweating from the head down. It was good, really good that I woke up today crying in pain. My lower body was so sore I started thinking if I could still walk. My butt was so hard and firm and angry which somehow made me feel like a million bucks, no need for butt- enhancement just do this workout every single day.  I am not aspiring to have Kim K.’s butt, oh No! No! No! I still want to look like a real human being and not a bumble bee. A VS model’s body is my goal. Haha. And trust me, this one is really tricky.

If you have 10-minutes on a really really busy day and still want to burn that Krispy Kreme donut you had last night, go ahead and do this! No pain , No gain but in a Good WAY. And just 10 minutes!

Well, I did 2 rounds of this since I had 2 Krispy Kreme’s last night.



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