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Beach day! — “Why going out in Dubai is NOT a Good Idea Yet unless…! “

Just when I thought that the weather is getting cooler I was instantly proven wrong yesterday.

Our beach days normally happens twice a week before the weekends, Mondays  and Wednesdays.But since it’s been ages since we took Sasha out to play we decided to go to the beach last Friday  but due to some sleeping problems that my husband had encountered we ended up pushing Beach Day to his next day off. Luckily he got two days off after his Kathmandu flight.

We all  went to bed early the night before. By 445 we were all up and ready to hit the beach. Amazed and confused perhaps seeing Mommy and Daddy getting ready before the sun rises, Sasha woke up instantly when I turned on the lights and fought his sleepiness during the whole ride to Mamzar. Hubby  decided stopped by the nearest fuel station to pump up gas and get breakfast to a nearby McDonald’s. The little one was beaming with excitement seeing buses and cars left and right. The beach was empty. Perfection. Parking was available everywhere. Heaven. We ate quietly as Sasha hurriedly removed his diaper and went chasing a dog. The sun was rising steadily as we finished our Mcmuffins and it felt really good to be waking up early like we used to. Then with much delight we ran towards the water and to our surprise it was lukewarm, crystal clear and no waves. I think it was the most amazing dip we ever had. We soaked ourselves up leaving our worries behind. There was a couple swimming in shirts and shorts probably no plan to swim but after touching  the water changed their minds. As always, we built sand castles, played ball, and tried to teach the little boy how to swim. We were having a good time when after an hour or so we decided to get out. All of a sudden the sun somehow started belching out it’s burning heat directly towards us. At 41 degrees Celsius  and it was 7am, we were already bathing in our own sweat and salt water. As much as we want to linger longer in the beach and in the playground, it was as if we were getting fried under the scorching sun and melting us without mercy. How sad it was to leave the place so sudden. But still grateful that the little one was able to  get out of our boxed-like apartment even for a short time. He was drooling in his car seat as we drove to a nearby Carrefour afterwards. Of course, all the shops were still closed.

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing in bed, while hubby and I took turns cooking our favorite hearty dishes. We had shrimps for lunch and his delicious beef stew for dinner. It was a really lovely day. I guess this was one of the greatest perks of being a full-time mom, you get to enjoy days off with the hubby whenever. Planning is never hard since I just create my own schedule. Despite the fact that there were days when I complain not having an actual job to bust my ass off every week, I feel blessed to be able to be with my family anytime they need me. Just to enjoy the simple joys in life with them is priceless. Looking at my boys having a good time just lifts my spirits up automatically.



I really hope and pray  that the  weather will improve soon. Going back to the house with a small window facing another apartment is no fun at all. We want more beach days!!!



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