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A Game of Thrones : Potty Training

I used to be up by six as the list of chores becomes insurmountable each day. But the boys are like owls of the night who finds darkness more enticing than day. We usually climb to bed by 12 or 3 am.  Now I am forcing myself to wake up early,  as there are new tasks to accomplish.

When we went to Ukraine a few weeks ago I was surprised on how babies as early as 8 months are already being exposed to potty training. And now I realized that it was indeed a no-brainer for my  husband that he learned to potty himself at nine months old. I have observed how healthy and happy my friends’ babies were. The unlimited access to parks, fresh produce from garden to table and just the simple joy of opening the window to catch the morning breeze are precious commodity here in Dubai. No wonder the babies look more healthy and more behave. I remember Sasha when he used to be in the Philippines with me. The mountains, stray dogs and cats  parading in the streets and the heat were somehow glorious memories of a normal childhood. In Dubai we wait for at least November to experience the outdoors.

I can’t believe my baby is turning 2 in a few months. And I am feeling the pressure to get him to stop wearing the Nappy. We bought him his potty on his 8th month when he was barely walking and just crawling. At first he liked sitting there until we forget to continuously encourage him to practice. Now at almost 21 months he  only sits when he wants and not when it’s needed. It’s a dance of  Cha-Cha most of the time. There were times that he treats it like a toy car that he likes to ride and there were those times when he sees it like it’s the boogie monster.  It gets frustrating sometimes especially the leakage and the mess that I need to clean up afterwards. But once he gives me that puppy-eye look I can’t help but surrender and feel thankful that I get to learn this whole thing with him.

Every morning one week after our vacation I decided to let him sit butt-naked ’til noon. Expectedly he showered our sofa and our floors with his little rain. Until my husband suggested to put him in shorts in order for him to get uncomfortable with the wetness. The next week I did,  but I observed that Sasha stopped spilling his showers altogether. He learned to hold it until it’s bath time. But when he needs to do the Number 2 he whispers me the magic words and drag me to his potty. Hurrah at least now he’s telling me when he needs to do the number 2, ahhh what a relief to spare the house smelling like you know what. Every day now I remove his diaper from last night and let him sit in his shorts until  lunch. Sometimes he manage to put his little showers in the potty and sometimes in the floor. I  am learning to enhance my patience with the whole thing. At night we do the same after dinner. We practice and clean up the accidents while singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. I am hoping that we will accomplish the task before his 2nd birthday. Right now I am beyond proud and thankful that he’s using only 2 diapers per day. We’re saving 4 pieces at least. I am happy that he’s learning and that he’s listening to mommy now.
I know there are still so many things I will be learning with him as he growsup. Before,  I can’t wait for things to unfold right before my eyes, I was always in a hurry ignorant of the bliss that comes from waiting. With motherhood you wake up each day with glee as you thread that path towards child development, threading unchartered waters. I never thought learning with him will be as rewarding as this, you are not paid by monetary returns but with memories that will last for a lifetime.

How’s your potty training going on so far mommies out there? I would like to know your suggestions.

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