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Melting the Emerging Post-Vacation Muffin Top Away

This month of August I really did “live” in the moment, I wish I can do that more often and not only when I am on a holiday.

I am very conscious with what I eat, but  if I am on vacation-mode , Ahhhhh…. I can smell pork sausages and Ukrainian cooking from afar and my mouth starts to salivate ,I’d eat to my heart’s desire. And we did. We ate and got wasted  with my husband and his friends like we didn’t have a toddler waiting for us at home. I can honestly say that I will cherish those guilty pleasures we had back there forever. Haha.

Now back to Dubai. Staying home most of the time. I can see Sasha’s confusion why we suddenly return to this box with  small windows with no one but us , where’s the fun mommy? But only our occasional trip downstairs once we ran out of milk. How time flies indeed.

They don’t call it “vacation” for no reason. Now that we are back to normal programming, I started crawling back to my Fitness routine slowly. Back to Healthy eating and smart snacking. Counting calories and being mindful of each and every bite I take.

And of course to no surprise, I have a layer of skin that I can pinch emerging from my once well-sculpted obliques. Well, I really had a lovely time whist on vacation and I have something to show for it. Literally.

I started doing my Fat Burning Pilates for two days then switched to another routine which I happened to find in Popsugar Fitness a week ago.


Well, not easy in the beginning until after a few tries and I began to get the hang of it.  If I have more time I add this and Man… You will wake up the next day like you’ve been punch by several men or something. Oh but I really love this kind of pain.


It’s almost September and we ditched using the AC. The weather is getting kinder and better and more tolerable each day. I am dying to buy a new bikini once the beach is wonderful again.

Just have enough time to melt the emerging muffin top away!

Have a wonderful workout everyone!



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