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We are going for a two-week vacation next week. Finally! Yey!

After much delay due to travel document missing , meaning a Ukrainian Passport for my baby love, Lo and behold! We are finally travelling as a family.

It’s summer there so packing could be easy breezy as compared to going on a winter. Damn last time my suitcase were filled with just sweaters and boots. It was really hard putting an outfit together, especially when I was still trying to impress everybody. Haha. Now that we’re married and with a kid, and it’s summertime maybe I can really travel light this time.

I am no light packer, ever.

I love bringing all Β my stuff as much as I can. I have difficulty arranging things in a small box. It never gets easier even when I’ve flown ’round the world many times. My suitcase is always a mess.

But maybe I will stick to just Β monochromatic looks.

I never heard of such travel uniform. Until this.Β 

Will you keep you posted.

Much love .


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