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I wish I am this, or that… 


You open your instagram and there you see them.

Shoes and more shoes. Places you want to go. Purses  and more purses. Money, fame, record-breaking something… la la la…


It seems so easy to get carried away by the images we see in the internet which makes me think and wonder why my life doesn’t even stand close to that kind of perfection…

Here I am with my hair unwashed, laudry piling up and a toddler throwing spaghetti sauce all over the floor, but the mother I follow  in  instagram looked poised, unharassed  as she re-decorate her bedroom  the second time.

I used to feel sad and regretful about the choices I made, after all I worked hard, always doing and following what is right. Taking chances , never giving up and following every single step mentioned  in a Success self-help book. And yet no matter how much I wrestle with fate or God’s will for my life, He always win. I used to question Him why I can’t have that thing now, or why this thing happened to this person and I wish I can help more. It’s frustrating when we don’t get what we want and we can’t see the fruits of our labor yet.

But I continue to pray.

It’s difficult to understand sometimes the things that are going on in our lives. It’s easy to fall in that state of envy whenever you see that  stranger you follow in social media. But one thing made sense to me after all the prayers and submission that I have been making in the past. We created for His purpose. And all that we need to do is celebrate. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom like me who wish to be Miranda Kerr , or a working girl who wish to be Gigi Hadid. Don’t be sad if you can’t afford that Chanel bag or you cannot go to Maldives this summer. Whatever situation you are in, believe and claim that God is up to something. He knows what’s best for you. All you need to do is ask Him to give you the wisdom to accept and let go.


I always tell myself there’s more to life than signature clothes, adulation, money or youth.  And the real secret to happiness is losing our self. To die in ourselves in service of others as God taught us. If this is where God wants me to be, if this is God wants me do I am honored to be where I am right now. I surrender. If one day He will ask me to be somewhere else or when that time comes He answer my prayers I will be as happy and grateful as I am now.

I wish you find that joy  that will last forever. Talk to Him and He will give you answers. You may still far from the life you dream about, but trust me if God is the Lord in your life nothing is impossible.


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