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Easy Fat Burning Pilates

Whether you are a busy mom or a working girl who wants to exercise but cannot find even an ounce of motivation to do it please read on. If you have 45-minutes to spare and you feel like dancing and still be sweating off that pizza from last night trust me there are a lot of materials online and all you need is a yoga mat, no fancy equipment necessary.


I hate boring exercise routines. It’s hard enough to miss that TV show  in exchange for an hour at the gym. It’s even harder to workout alone. Where’s the fun in there. That’s why most people avail gym membership in the hope that the money spent is enough to make them go and do it.  Sadly you really have to find something that suits your personality.

I am into yoga and pilates.

If you want to look fit and slim and tall and feminine not bulky and heavy  well, we have the same goal in mind.

Eventhough I have already reached my ideal weight and BMI I still workout. For me it’s a great stress-reliever, next to my Quiet time. I always feel energetic, confident and happy after a good day’s sweat when the little one is asleep.

This video is what I am doing twice or thrice a week. And I loved it!

I thought Pilates is all about just feeling sore after, but this one  can actually leave you breathless.

But if you are a beginner, try this one below.  So easy to follow.

This one is perfect when you’re feeling lazy but still want to keep going.

I still do the harder but fun workout from Popsugar Fitness and sometimes from Jillian Michaels’s channel in Youtube at least twice a week. And these two are the ones I do when I had a really sore body after an intense cardio .

I think if you love what you do, you will not work-out a day in your life. Haha. So go ahead and find the routine that suits you best.  Hope this post helps you to workout Now!

And thanks also to Candice for inspiring me…

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