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Decorating Woes

I find it hard to write without a decent home 0ffice or a desk. It’s about time to really put this plan to work. Otherwise, I won’t be accomplishing anything.

How pretty  these two…

Right now the hardest thing about decorating your personal space is the little man climbing  anything he can possibly reach. Tell me about it. There’s no place in this house that he failed to turn over or destroy completely. Sometimes I get really tired and annoyed that I just let him do whatever he wants and walk out to the kitchen just to avoid the horror of the things being spilled all over the place the Nth time.  Everything needs to be put up high, literally.  These past few week I’ve been sorting throught Pinterest for inspiration.

Hopefully, the hubby will approve.

Until now, our bedroom walls are white blank, empty. I decided to somehow decorate them hopefully by the end of this week…

Putting a shelf on top of the bed where the little one won’t reach would be perfect!


How bright and beautiful this little kitchen! 

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