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Coffee with Friends


There’s something about escaping the daily grind and get a quick meet up with old friends over a cup of jo.

It’s been a year since I went out with friends without being chaperoned by husband and my toddler. I took an hour commute to our meeting place and got lost twice. One thing about having a car to pick you up and drive you around is you don’t pay close attention anymore about directions because there’s an app to do the job for you. I was really embarrassed finding myself lost in the crowd, alighting in wrong stations, taking turns which only made my commute even longer. I took a bus to get to the Metro and changed lines twice. Yesterday was the 2nd day Β of a 3-day holiday here since it’s the Eid. Hubby was right all along about every mall being jam-packed with people that there was an actual traffic inside and you have to wait in every restaurant to get a decent table. It was such headache going from one side of the mall to the other.

I stayed with my friends long enough to catch up where we left of last time. I felt a little lost for words when they talk about work. I really wish to come back to the workforce soon right after our vacation next month. I never thought that making a career transition would turn out this hard. Anyway, I ‘ll talk about that on my next post soon. After being drowned with laughter and crazy stories and literally coffee I went straight to Carrefour to buy groceries. I invited some of my relatives for lunch tomorrow to see our new flat. I would be making Mexican Chilli and my brother would make his vegetarian spring rolls. Hopefully by next week we can finally have our oven back so I can invite just about anyone over a meal. I really miss baking.

Anyway, as expected the grocery was filled with people and kids in strollers. It was already past midnight and still you cannot run in full force to catch the last trip without being delayed by this massive amount of people.

I was home by 1 am. And my boys picked me up in the Bus station in front of our apartment. The little one was beaming with excitement after seeing mommy. He slept right after I rock him in my arms, while I lay awake til 6am. Damn that coffee! Β I was wide awake the whole time, ’til now.Β 



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