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The Switch

While the hubby was doing his errands today I asked if I can just stay in the mall with the baby since his appointments are just around the area. With the weather going steadily hot and humid the last thing I want is to be sandwiched by people in long queues. He happily agreed and dropped us with my little one  who was jumping excitedly out his carseat.

I love empty malls. It’s like going to an airconditioned park minus the grass and real animals. There were only a few mothers with their babies in strollers and super relaxed sales staff chatting away in their booths. The supermarket isles were spotless and no queue at check out.

I finished my task quickly while the hubby was still getting frustrated for his number to be called. He’s been waiting in that government office for more than an hour. It was such a relief not joining him in that purgatory.  While Sasha was beaming with joy running around and climbing stairs. He watched and listened carefully to the passersby. And stopped whenever he heard a kid crying. He hardly made tantrums. His eyes glowed with amazement from the colors and lights in the arcade. On our way to the Baby Shop  I decided to pass by Face Shop to check some CC cushion. I always wanted to try it since most Asians use it and my cousins love it. I was impressed by their dewy complexion with light to medium coverage. It’s been a problem of mine having very dry skin. Foundations and powders , high-end and drugstore brands tend to be cakey for some time after application. The humid weather here as well makes it worse so most of the time I stick to BB cream and a light touch of Chanel powder and voila, but after some time my skin goes back to looking dull. The veins and the pores are just unsightly. No amount of powder of liquid foundation can do the trick to make them look less visible. Arrgggg!!!! I wish there’s a skin fairy who can just make our skin perfect 24/7.

I normally just pat my t-zone with Chanel powder under a light coverage of BB cream  and a little Matte Lip tint when doing my errands. So let’s see if this CC cushion works better. 

So I am giving this CC cushion a chance since I’ ve been using this Chanel for a while now and not really that psyched anymore.

I saw Lancome  have their version and wow it looks so luxurious!

But mine is like $50 with a free refill…


Hoping this will make my skin looking flawless and dewy  from morning ’til noon atleast  with little touch ups. They say it’s revolutionary. Since it’s like liquid foundation in a compact with good benefits to the skin i.e. improves color discoloration and dullness etc.

Fingers crossed that this one will make a difference.

Have you tried a CC cushion?



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