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Loving the Unlovable

How easy it is to love someone you like and how easy it is to like someone you know. But I find it hard nowadays to love someone whom I used to like and know too well.

It’s like having a massive rock that I need to carry as I walk to reach the summit. The height of the mountain seems unfathomable beyond these clouds. So I just raised my hands and lift all my burdens to heaven. God, this is all yours.

My faith is growing as days turn into weeks, and weeks to months and to years. I am blessed to have seen the Light and finally found the Truth. Nothing is ever the same. I am renewed in Spirit. There is someone living in me. His love for me the is the greatest of all, and this is my only security. But like all humans, this faith is being tested. My new character suddenly experiencing the discomfort with this new life. God told me to reach out and lend a helping hand to the needy. But sometimes the needy are not the pleasant ones to hold hands with. There is one who is stubborn and one who will not listen and marches with  his head held up high. There is one who criticizes everything and nothing good comes out of his mouth. Like a vampire ready to suck the life out of you. Then you search your heart, and inside you found the kind of love that needs to be shared. It’s overflowing everywhere. When these hard people are hurting, they find pleasure hurting others as well. So you try to love them anyway. Because of Him who loved you first.


How mysterious and powerful to surrender to this kind of Love burning deep within. That no matter how much you want to hate and give up to someone who is making your life a misery there is no way to hide. You obey and extend every bit of kindness to the hurting, to the bitter, to the lost, to the proud and cold-hearted. You watched them closely as they bicker and grumble with their discontent. Questioning everybody and debating about how life should be lived. And yet when darkness comes they beg for a warm bed to spend the night, the biggest part of that bread for dinner, see them waste  things you worked hard for and let their complaining fall on deaf ears. And you love them still. Mastering the strength to find the good in people. Pray intently every single night that they too will find the Light. That their lives will be changed, and the love will grow eventually in their hearts. Not for just a season but for eternity.

I am too was a lost sheep, a black sheep once even.  Proud and stubborn and I parade myself with my  nose up in the air.  But I knew how it felt to be broken. I knew how it was to lost everything and seen many times over how miracles happen when you believe. How to be loved deeply when you least deserve it, and so I want to be that person this time. Love the unlovable even when it’s not  fair according to their eyes. See them with a brand new Light coming from within. Love them even when you’re insulted because you know where the source of that undying love comes from. Don’t be selfish like them. Be selfless and kill them with kindness. Don’t preach about the Word, let the Word reflects on your life. Maybe in this life, you’re the only Bible they ever get to read.




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