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How to dress your age: Help me!

I guess it’s much easier to dress up when you’re in your 20s. It’s still acceptable to wear cute outfits without committing a serious Fashion crime. Now that I’m in my early 30s and a mom, I find it confusing how to dress my age. There were a few occasions when I caught my husband raising an eyebrow. I hear him say, “seriously” inside his head when we’re going to the grocery or meeting some friends. He may not be the most stylish nor the most fashionable man in the world but his taste in clothes matter a whole lot to me. I can see him watching me closely as I put my make up on. He checks my nails if they’re chipped or when I need to do my roots. And the woman in me wants to please that man’s side of him. They are just visual creatures. I learned that at this point in my life, I want to dress for my husband. I used to care so much about the latest fashion trend and showing off my physique for other women not really caring if the outfit flatters me or not, not to mention appropriate.

I see women- friends, colleagues and even relatives my age and older suffer the same predicament. We are clueless most of the time.

How to dress your age really?

If you’re in your 30s how do you define style?

If you’re meeting a friend for coffee after office hour…
A lunch date with the husband…
Or a dinner date with him…
A quick trip to the supermarket
Playing safe. When you have no idea what to wear exactly…




2 thoughts on “How to dress your age: Help me!

  1. I think this is such an important topic and I like the styling suggestions you gave. For me, I would say that you should stick to outfit themes that you are comfortable with. As long as you don’t dress like a 15 year old I am sure you will be fine. You have great style!

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