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Courage, dear Heart

Let go.

If they don’t want you then go. It’s okay sometimes to give yourself the freedom to say goodbye. When you already used all the strength you have and it’s still a No then it’s time to move on. There are other things in life that would say Yes to you.

Trust the process. One day you will look back and thank them for not taking you. Sometimes we can’t do it our way. We need to learn to surrender and let God do it His way. It’s not easy. But there are moments in life when giving up is the best thing to do in order to give room to the Best that we deserve.

A boyfriend who won’t commit.

A dead-end job.

A career you’re pursuing for years and years and nothing is happening.

An abusive relationship.

A fair-weather friendship.

No growth. No movement. You’re stuck in a rut. Why waste time? Move on. God is preparing something bigger andΒ better for you.

Work hard. Be kind. Be genuine. Love yourself. Embrace change.





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