“Come on… get up now, don’t fall back”. 

You’ve achieved your goal weight. Everything fits perfectly in your closet. Suddenly you walk with instant confidence. The lightness and the smoothness of getting ready in the morning without the long debate on what to wear make things fun again. No more screening the mid section for the unwanted bulge as you put on that perfect white shirt. It’s now a breezy affair to put an outfit together.

But you haven’t been in the gym in weeks. You already forgotten what Pilates routine you currently on. What you remember is that after a long day at work you go straight to bed. You missed dinner altogether. The morning rush dictates a gallon of coffee or a bag of M&Ms. But lunch is a different story. You grab anything that fits in your purse and your tray. And the rest of the day is a drag to meet the deadline. Then catch some more errands on the way home.

You feel sluggish and your runny nose won’t seem to leave you alone. The lines under your eyes are prominent than ever  and suddenly you don’t need to contour your face. The gaunt look is definitely ON. “Who is this person looking back at me? Older, and why she looks so tired? “.

This cycle begins once you try to be superhuman. You don’t eat and you overwork. You dissed the idea of a healthy balanced life. You’re competing against that imaginary creature living inside  of you . You want to be mega successful in your field, please everybody at work and at home. You’ve mistaken what real happiness is really all about. You want to be perfect according to the standards of strangers  and your health is paying the hefty price.

Remember those times when you see mother doing the same? You’ve seen her doing exactly what you’re doing now. But she did it out of love and because she worries too much. After a while look what it did to her. If she can see you now, she will ask you to stop.

Don’t take your health for granted. Don’t skip the gym just because you will intend to miss two dinners anyway. But don’t go overboard with fitness just  because you’re trying to prove something to someone. Be fit because you want to live long, long enough to see your grand kids playing in your house. And travel with your spouse to places you have missed because you  won’t take a vacation.

Be here now. Value your health and your time more than ever. They  worth much more than any amount of praise.




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