Moving In and Moving On

Whatever they say about moving is true. It’s just difficult. Chaotic. infuriating.

Finally, we are now residing in our new house al beit the commotion in all things maintenance.  Some things still need fixing. Walls are still empty. And hurrah for internet connection springing back to life after two weeks. That fiber optic cable sounds like mining gold to me. Our maintenance guy made us feel he travelled across oceans with just a boat to get them. Our internet provider did not make any difference to make life easy. So you can imagine how life was for us for 14 days. Staring at blank walls, listening to each other’s voices, watching Gordon Ramsay’s Cookery Course for the Nth time just because that’s the only thing we have saved in our USB. My little boy falling asleep out of boredom. At this point in time, I realized that a wifi connection is like water. Once gone you can only last for so long, and then you suddenly die.

I am excited to decorate this new place. But after all these hassle, I am having second thoughts. I don’t want to accumulate stuff if we are moving again next year. In fact I want to dispose half of my stuff to create simplicity, accessibility, and permanence.

It’s okay to have things. But having so much that you really forget what really inside the box lying outside the bathroom is just pointless. How many shoes do you really need? How many pair of jeans or shirts?  The books collecting dusts and insects between pages , why do you keep them?

My husband is right about so many things. Even when sometimes I find it hard to believe. There’s beauty in being simple. If we find happiness in material things then there shouldn’t be millionaires who are miserable.

Maybe the sofa will remain just a sofa. No fancy lamps or coffee table screaming for attention. No knick knacks clamoring at each other. Let the air circulate for real.

Let our space be just our space for peace, love and moments when we feel being really present.




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