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This Love

There were days when I will finish my chores early and spend half day  binge watching TV series. I can finish an entire Season in one sitting while looking after the baby. Then I will feel guilty as I welcome my husband from a long day at work.

I don’t like not ticking off all the chores for the day. But sometimes, you just need to break your own rules. Live a little. I tend to focus on being busy rather than being productive.

Being a stay at home mom has its ups and downs. One day your motivation level is up the roof. You’re unstoppable. The next day all you want to do is just be with the baby and eat apples and bananas all day and play with his toys. And I think he loves me with the latter.

As I watched and listened to my church’s  previous podcasts today, something struck a chord in me.

About marriage.

About parenting.

And as I learned so many valuable biblical truths while watching over my little love I noticed how his eyes sparkles with delight and happiness as I play with him with much gusto. Children this age needs our full attention. They want us to play with them. The crucial part of growing up when they learn by observing, longing for our touch and by stepping down to their level , we meet them halfway. By doing that, it makes us better parents. Attention and love will not tantamount to the most expensive toys or gadgets.

I am amazed by his curiosity. Watching me cook his meals, vacuum the floor and wash dishes. I believe those meaningless words he murmurs means he wants to help.

And how he suddenly becomes quiet when me and the husband quarrels. At one point he cries so loud we felt so bad about ourselves for making him feel it’s his fault why we we’re fighting.

They feel us. They know us. Babies are much smarter than we thought.

I also learned today that the best thing we can give to our children is not education, material possession or whatsoever. It’s having a great marriage. By showing them that their parents really love each other. Because that’s for them  is security.


I remember my own parents when I heard them fight. I will cry inside my room praying they won’t split up. And growing up I promised myself I will keep our marital problems from my future children. It’ll  save their sanity.

I was doing some reflecting these past few days, like God’s voice is ringing in to my ears with answers.

It’s easy to be happy actually. Our need to be satisfied is insatiable. But if we have God in our lives, and we have a loving family to come home to, you don’t need much to feel that life is worth living.

It’s easy to get jealous of other people’s lives. But if only we learn to appreciate and count our blessings we realize that we are blessed beyond measure.



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