If you have 10 minutes

I am mixing my work out every six weeks.

I get bored once I memorized the routine. Time and tme again I get surprise how diverse and sometimes easy it is to find ways to burn the extra pounds [ a.k.a that week long of eating late and munching on anything that comes out of a Β box]Β without really feeling like you’re doing so much effort.

There were days of course when I feel like I don’t want to even lift a finger. I just want to catch up with my reading and join my husband eating take-out food.

But then later the sudden guilt will come crawling back at me.

Being a mom takes a LOT of energy. Lifting a 30 pound of cuteness is not for the weak. Plus the endless cleaning, the endless feeding and diaper change. Moms are required to be strong otherwise they won’t last a day keeping up with that toddler.

So if you think you don’t have much time, or just simply lazy…

Follow me.

I do this small effort.

Better than not doing anything at all.

Then tomorrow go back to your 40-minute work out.

I love Popsugar Fitness. The classes are so easy and so much fun!







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