Travel- Throwback

Anywhere but the Sandpit

If I could have one super power it would be teleportation.

You cannot go anywhere now without breaking a sweat. The oven has been switched on and it would take another six months to appreciate the outdoors. The AC is running 24/7 and the distance that anyone would dare to take is between the door and the parking lot. You can literally fry an egg just by dropping it in the pavement. I wish I can go back in time and do Australian flights , the only way to escape the heat and the boredom in the sandpit.

“I remember vividly the agony of a 14-hour flight. All the cabins  filled with children and the elderly. Mostly transiting from London to Sydney or Melbourne to Auckland. The first four hours people are still behaving well. And the crew still smiling from ear to ear. The first service ran smoothly with no complaints from the passengers or from our seniors. And us, in the first class are having the best of time. I always wish to fly with Miranda Kerr or anybody famous just for the sake of something to brag about to my friends once I get back. Even when it means flying with a celebrity or a VIP is twice the work and the effort. We managed everything perfectly as always. Most of them the moment the aircraft reached the cruising altitude just asked for their first class pajamas and shut their private suites. So we ended up gossiping half of the time before our crew breaks are set.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep especially if the bed is the size of a casket with another  bunk bed above and below you. And the noise of the passengers in Economy chatting away,  with the flushing of the toilets left and right .  I must have been very  exhausted to have slept despite all these. Passengers had no idea how we managed to squeeze nine flight attendants in a room as big as the public  bathroom of a fast food chain and the walls as thin as the sandpaper. And when you ask for a glass of water, you had no idea I started  drooling in my bed right next to your seat separated by an almost invisible wall once your started talking about golf and your pet bird.

You slept, made your rounds four times, ate 2 crew meals and 2 set of appetizers and chocolate cake from Business class and a slice of pizza from economy and still there’s four hours more to landing. We talked about life, sex, your ex-boyfriend and why you want to quit once we go back. But still we look at each other waiting for another interesting topic we might have missed. Hotel ghost stories perhaps.
“What are your plans in Sydney? “

“Sleep for two hours , have breakfast, go shopping and then sleep again”.


The weather is fantastic.Walking in the Sydney Harbour is like being in a movie. You smell the air and you feel alive. Watching people have breakfast outside and kids playing in the park and tourists like me taking a gazillion photos like it’s always my first time is something that nobody can see in Dubai this time of the year.

I prefer doing my tour around the city by myself not waiting for anybody. I like hiding from the rest of the crew and go to my favorite Thai restaurant and eat my heart out” .

For me travelling is like being an actress. Every place you go you can choose what kind of character you want to play. Every city, every destination is different and so you can alter who you’re going to be. It’s exciting, it’s always new. Even if you come to that same place almost every other month.

Travelling is my way to reboot. When reality back home becomes too difficult to grasp once in a while you can play a different role and forget what’s waiting when you come back.

When the temperature in Dubai starts to soar like the sun decided to park right in front of Burj Khalifa the first two words that automatically comes out of my mouth is ” if only”.

“If only I can fly now to Australia and take a dip in the Bondi beach”.

No matter how frustrating things could get after being in an aircraft for too long, sometimes you just need to take a break from the ground and search  the sanity  you need up in the sky.







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