When your New Eye Gel actually Works!

Sadly, you cannot stop the race of time and there’s no such thing as “fountain of youth”.  You either got real good genes and still look fabulous and line-free at age 50, or went under the knife, botoxed your face inch by inch or EMBRACE the process and invest in effective yet eco-friendly beauty regimen and live a healthy lifestyle. I am not saying just by doing this you will achieve eternal youthfulness.  Nobody can, even Dorian Gray. But its liberating to age, because you know deep inside you conquered your battles left and right, and here you are still standing strong. And instead of fighting  the evidence that indeed time is passing right through you, there are simple ways you can do to slow down the process and enjoy the journey of keeping your real age between you and your magic mirror.
Anyway, in my case I got really conscious with ageing when it finally dawned on me that I am really a “mom” now, let say going back  that tumultuous night in December 2014. I always tell myself  that I will always be 17, I will always feel 17 even when I stop looking like 17. And then it hit me. “God, I don’t look 17 anymore ! I have dark circles under my eyes, and they’re puffy! Ah I look like a 17-year old zombie!”. I need to do somethinggggggggggg!!!
I tried so many products. Even the high-end ones. I usually grab each sample in the airport while going to my next flight when I was still flying. And buy them after the sample size runs out. I used to love Lancome. They’re pricey but in the long run it didn’t actually deliver. So I decided to stop automatically assuming that products work better because you pay more.
I have very dry skin, which means my collagen supply is diminishing in a slower pace until maybe I reach 40. OMG. That time, maybe I will consider other options.
Going back,  I ditched the High-end beauty counters and go back to affordable and popular to the masses. I gave it a try for 3 months, just to see if they deliver. Problem is, since they are cheaper and very easy to avail I noticed they are very strong to my skin. I don’t have acne but I get blemishes from time to time, and my skin is thin you can actually see veins. They worked for a while, rejuvenating the top later and then after a few weeks my skin just get even more dry and more dull. I stopped. I couldn’t even apply make up because I look like a cake you cannot eat.
Nowadays, it’s so easy to find information on just about anything. I am a sucker for knowledge. I am a nerd by heart.  I can be a CSI agent and stalk your ex-boyfriend. And with beauty and health being one of my great passions in life, I read and read about skin and ageing and looking fab even when it seems like  you cannot afford it.
So, for a week I stopped using anything on my face. Just wash it with Dove ,because it’s 1/4 moisturising cream which is actually very subtle and good for your skin.  And remove eye make up and lipstick with Extra virgin coconut oil. To be able to prepare your skin to transition, you need to let it rest for a week at least to remove all the traces of the products you were using. So the new and old won’t clash and you save yourself for a breakout.
I bought a new cleanser, and a new eye gel. I went back to my old Anti-ageing cream that I was using before I reached for the Lancome counter and to my  All natural mud-mask for exfoliation a.k.a. Kielh’s.
I will only review the Eye Gel because I suuuuuuuuuperrrrrrrrr Love it!!!!
People are going crazy about Korean products so I gave this one a try. I was thinking to try Nuxe instead of this , but I am glad that I chose this. Because it’s sooooo good! You can actually see the difference instantly! And the good thing about this is there’s no alcohol or harsh chemicals! So you can actually use it long-term and not care about side effects in 10 years or so.
I know this product is in the Philippines and people are making it like a Networking business. Again, I tried Networking and I didn’t like it. I love Sales and Marketing as a job when I used to work as a hotelier but actually selling to people products just to earn money even when you don’t believe the product is not my cup of tea. But this one is different! I cross my heart and not to die,  but seriously, You should try this one! It’s worth every penny and all the time you wasted reading this post!
Eye gel from Nworld. It’s called Nlighten Eye Gel. Check them out in Youtube for product demo.
It’s very limited here in Dubai. But if you happen to be interested to sample this product, just message me and I will help you get it!
I don’t get paid to write about this. I just want to help you get rid of that vampire look. Coz seriously, no amount of concealer can even hide it when you didn’t get your full 8-hour beauty sleep. But hoping this one will work for you!
I will review the others I bought… I will keep you posted!

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