What do you need to achieve that body?

“If you want it BAD enough, stop making Excuses!”

Yes, I am obsessed with fitness. No, I don’t have an eating disorder. And yes I work out minimum four days a week for 40 minutes or more , depends how long my baby will sleep and how busy my daily schedule could get. But I don’t stop unless I hit my minimum.  And yes, my body is so much better now after baby. And yes again, most of the time I eat anything I want.

People always ask me what’s the secret to stay fit. There is no secret. I have this body ever since. Nothing change except maybe this time around I have grown a “butt”. My brothers used to tease me a lot growing up. I was as flat as a surfing board. And I just love dressing up. When I want to wear something I really like and my tummy starts to bulge I get really upset. So over the years I lived a conscious life.” Is this 3rd muffin going to show up tomorrow if I wear that white shirt I just bought? I think I should stop this late-night partying with the girls if I want to look great on my cousins’ wedding”.  It’s the choices you make. You take full responsibility.

Now that I’m a mom I want to kill that stereotype that “once you go fat and you cannot come back”. There’s countless numbers of new moms who were able to get back their pre-baby body. Just check instagram and you will be inspired. They are not movie stars or supermodels . They don’t have personal trainers. They worked they ass off literally to burn the baby weight.  And it’s actually double the stress and pressure from the hubby and the baby crying all the time and the never-ending chores at home. I salute those who even have full-time office jobs, they’re really superhumans. So what’s that special quality of these women versus those who still carry the extra pounds and the baby is already 3 years old?

PERSISTENCE. They get up every morning and make the decision that “I will do it”.

There’s nothing you cannot find in the internet nowadays. You don’t need gym membership even. Just internet connection, a good quality yoga mat  and lots of motivation. Getting started is the most difficult part. One excuse after another until that last comment about your weight crushed the remaining ounce of self-confidence that you have left.  Until then you realize tomorrow is really the “day”. Ask the hubby to look after the baby for 20 minutes. Wake up an hour earlier to run in the neighborhood. There’s so many fitness videos available in YouTube. There’s even a 10 minute work out if your excuse is you don’t have time. But it takes  approximately one hour for pizza delivery to arrive.

I struggled too, once  I have the baby . I cannot believe I look like a Hippopotamus when I have always been size 2 and sometimes size zero. But I don’t want to throw my skinny jeans, so this extra weight should go. It was not easy in the beginning especially when you had a C-section. I waited for my doctor’s approval to even begin. Slowly I cut back on my guilty pleasures and load up on healthier options since that time I was breastfeeding. I patiently waited for Sunday, my cheat day to eat a burger.

It took me five months to bring back my figure. I did not do anything drastic. It took me nine months to put on extra 30 pounds and so it’s logical that it’s not an overnight thing. Just religiously following the fitness plan I customize for my needs. There were days when I wanted to throw in the towel and just eat coffee crumble ice cream all day but the image of me covered in layers of clothing while having a vacation in Maldives scares the hell out of me. I am still young. I should be able to wear what I please and feel good about myself. And a little hard work and sacrifice won’t hurt.

Now I am happier and more motivated in all facets of my life. Because honestly, it’s so easy to put on the weight but losing it takes all that you are. It only means that “whatever mind can conceive, it can achieve” is definitely  true. Only, if you’re willing to pay the price.

So stop making excuses! If you miss today, there’s tomorrow but remember the more you postpone the easier it gets to eat that remaining tray of cookies sitting in the fridge and the longer it takes before you can actually fit in that  YSL dress that you didn’t buy  from last season. Never miss a week without sweating it out. Start small but never stop. You can achieve anything in this life. Just take action and Start!


If you need motivation, just write me.  I am willing to push you harder than yourself. I am willing to help you get that body you want.

Left… Body before baby   Right… Body with the baby

You can do it too!




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