Hey relax it’s almost the weekend!

My favorite day is Thursday even when I am not actually going to  a 9-5 job five days a week  it still gives me the feeling that I can finally breathe.

Do you have plans to go somewhere?

Well, here in this side of the world,  in 42 degrees heat you cannot go anywhere else but go to malls. And certainly not the best idea if you’re not a tourist. Because really, it’s looking like a zoo everywhere you go when it’s  the weekend and there’s airconditioning in that place. People clamoring for best deals, newly opened restaurants, tourists and residents alike taking a selfie not minding the queue in the cash counter or to the exits.

I love going to malls when it’s quiet. I guess one of the perks of being a stay-at-home mom at the moment is you can choose the day in the week to do your shopping without being dragged away from the elevator. Mondays are the best. Quiet and almost surreal.

We are moving to a new apartment next week. So I will most of the time occupied by boxes and thoughts of “to keep or to toss”. The husband says I have an addiction to things. I hoard and hoard like our entire place is a storage room.  So I have to part ways to some of my stuff that I’ve been keeping. Like receipts, Metro Card amd Maps from my travels. Yeah, I am one of them. I remember Karlie Kloss in one of her interviews saying she’s doing the same. She even got boxes filled with memento that don’t serve a practical use anymore. Guys just don’t get it.  And I am tired of arguing that they matter to me. Haha.

Anyway, I wish I can check  Ikea or HomeCenter or The One for new furnitures and design ideas. But no, not tomorrow. I will wait for Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!




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